Perth Christian Fellowship firmly believes that we should be actively involved in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in our community. There are diverse ways in which we seek to do this.

Challenger Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Buses are designed to operate within specific neighbourhoods on a regular basis, building up relationships with people in that local community, providing a hub where local people can come to talk, or get support if needed. It can work like a mobile ‘drop-in’ facility.

These buses can also be located in town centres late at night where young people congregate, especially at weekends. This is another method whereby the Church can “go into all the world and preach the Gospel”, rather than waiting for the world to knock on its front door.

Outreach Dinner

We all know people who refuse to come to church, but are quite comfortable going out for a meal with Christians. In 2000, we started hosting a monthly dinner meeting, with an after dinner speaker sharing their testimony – over 38,000 have attended since we began.

There has been an incredible diversity of speakers over the years: terrorists, police, violent thugs, drug addicts, alcoholics, hells angel, muslim radical, new age follower, murderer, hairdresser, rock musician, music producer, gambler, bigot, footballer, hippy, drug dealer, fish merchant, businessmen, bus driver, teacher, motivational speaker, scientist, songwriter, Johnny Cash tribute singers. Though these people all have very different backgrounds and experiences, all of them have testified to the saving grace of God in their lives.

Over the years, those responding to the gospel at these meetings measures in the hundreds.

Senior Citizens’ lunches

On the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, we host lunch meetings for senior citizens. The format for the luncheon is very simple – a two course lunch, followed by a time of singing, with a guest speaker then sharing something of their life story and how they came to trust in Jesus. There have been speakers from many different backgrounds – doctors, nurses, investment managers, missionaries, teachers, engineers, farmers, housewives, evangelists and ministers – people from home and abroad. Although from many different backgrounds they all have one thing in common – they have all met with the Living Lord Jesus and their lives have been wondrously transformed.

At each luncheon, the senior citizens are encouraged to receive information on what it means to be a Christian – to be born again. Many senior citizens have become Christians through this ministry.
Around 300 senior citizens come each month. There is no charge for the lunch, and free transport is provided for many of them.

Sheltered housing / Nursing home visits

Each week, teams from Perth Christian Fellowship take services in sheltered housing complexes and nursing homes around Perth. Through song, testimony, Scripture readings and a short message, the residents can hear the gospel in a simple and gentle way. Over the years, many precious souls have come to a living faith in Jesus Christ in the latter years of their life.

Puppets With A Mission – Friday kids’ club

The puppet team are used in outreaches around the country, but back in Perth they run a club for children. Once a month, they hold a puppet workshop, training kids in puppetry skills. The songs they teach and the stories they tell all have a strong Christian message. Many of the children who come have no church background or connection.

As well as having a lot of fun, the kids prepare puppet shows for their family and friends. Again, the content of the show has a Biblical theme so the performances present the audience with the gospel.

The Well

The Well is a drop-in centre run by qualified volunteers from the fellowship. It currently operates on Tuesdays, providing a listening ear, practical help and spiritual guidance to many damaged and hurting souls.

Single mums finding it hard to cope, people with addiction problems, those with mental health issues, and lonely folks just looking for some company – these are just some of the types of people encountered at the Well.

Many are helped, some become Christians.

Joseph’s Store

For over 10 years, volunteers from the church have looked after Joseph’s Store which supplies food parcels to those in extreme need in our community. Over 1400 needy families & desperate people have been provided for through this ministry.
Supplies are provided by members of the congregation who are encouraged to buy a little extra when doing their shopping, and donate the surplus to Joseph’s Store.
As well as meeting immediate needs, the aim is to build bridges with people, looking for opportunities to explain to them the motivation for what we do – sharing the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Due to the recent Food Bank becoming available, Josephs storehouse now only does Christmas gifts bags which include gifts for both adults and children.

Outreach Services

Some of our normal Sunday services are specifically designated for evangelism. We also have special services with an evangelistic bent – such as at Easter and Christmas.

Significant events, such as baby dedication services and baptism services, would usually have family members and friends present who do not usually attend church. We try to make them feel welcome and comfortable, while taking the opportunity to tell them about our amazing Saviour.